His name is Farter

Wed 19 February 2014

Farter is my cat. My cousin found him while wait me front of the Burger King. After i took the vet. for general medical control and some vaccines. He was very small when we found. We don't understand it is a male or female. We and vet. think, it is a female but i understand it is not female two months later. He haven't any name for two months because we didn't choose any names for it. Still, we didn't give any names understand his gender. Someday we discovered a thing. If you too much love our cat than will be fart. Whaat!? Yea, i know it, this is very awkward but true. Whenever love it, he will fart again! Ok, we are understand this problem and i give a name, like Porter from Payback movie. His name is Farter!

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